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2016-2017 Loans


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Rasamimanana is a father of a family. He is 57 and still active and responsable despite his age. He chose to live in the countryside with his family. There, he grows crops and raises livestock.

A few years ago, he joined VAHATRA to have enough capital to realize his business. He is investing more in raising pigs. With the profits, he helps his children financially. Rasamimanana collaborates with butchers in their village to put his products up for sale. He needs this sixth loan to purchase four piglets. His goal is to continue expanding his farm.


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Alifmoh’s story

Alifmoh is a strong woman. She was born in 1969 and is married with three children. She is a seamstress and works at her home. She sews a variety of clothes. With her big family, as the breadwinner, it is difficult to provide all of her family members her all of the necessary things and pay for their education.Alifmoh finds it difficult to pay for her son’s tuition who is studying at the National University of Tajikistan, because her income is not enough. Her son is a third-year student at the faculty of finance and credit. She is asking for a loan of 9,000 Tajikistan somoni (TJS) to pay for her son’s tuition. Her son is studying very well and gets good grades.

She is a repeat client and has a positive credit history. This is Alifmoh’s ninth loan from IMON bank, and she promises to pay back her loan on time. She hopes Kiva lenders will support her. She awaits your help and support.



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Rozit manages a daycare center in her village. She has a full staff assisting her to provide care for multi-aged children. She cares for a variety of children and ‎has the play and nap areas separated by age. Rozit worked for years at the church ‎daycare. After taking daycare management certification and other applicable classes, ‎Rozit opened her daycare and has gained an excellent reputation. Her place is filled with ‎love, warmth and smiles that begin with her and her entire staff.

Rozit ensured her ‎daycare is top notch, and while it is private, makes sure it meets Ministry of Education ‎standards. This meant she needed to do some remodeling.‎

Rozit needed this loan for shading in the outside play area, renovations to upgrade and ‎move the kitchen and to move the electricity closet for safety.‎

Rozit loves providing a warm, nurturing environment for the children in her care. Her ‎dream in 10 years is to build her dream daycare from the ground up, building it stone by ‎stone.‎

Lidia is 51 years old. She lives in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Lidia works locally as a masseuse. She wants to open her own massage room and increase her income.

Tajikastan Tajikistan


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Muhibakhon is married and has three children. She is a very kind and responsible woman. She works at a hospital. She has been working in this sphere for a long time.

Muhibakhon lives poorly, because her salary is not enough for her big family. As the breadwinner of her family, she is trying to educate her children. Her younger son is studying in school. Although he is studying very well, since Muhibakhon is a doctor, she wants to see her son become a doctor too. She wants her son to attend preparatory courses for entrance exams to the Medical University.



Thanh’s Group

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Thanh is a Thai ethnic man who was born in 1975. His family of four includes his wife, his daughter, and his son. Thanh and his family live in Son La City, which is a subsidized unit of Son La Province.

His family’s main income comes from cultivation and animal breeding, but it is not enough to cover his family’s living expenses. Thanh has only saved a small amount. He wants to repair the breeding facilities for raising pigs, but he does not have enough money to buy construction materials. Therefore, he wants to borrow a loan for this purpose.




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Mercedes is a 39-year-old farmer who lives in the community of Santa Bárbara, Honduras and for three years has worked at growing cardamom and raises livestock to be able to give his wife, Maria, and his eight children the best possible living conditions. Although he likes life in the countryside very much, it presents some difficulties due to the community where he lives not having electrical services, and this causes difficulties in doing the daily household tasks. For this, Mercedes, as a responsible father and husband, has decided to ask funding from Soluz Honduras to purchase a solar-powered system which will allow him and his family to improve their current living conditions.




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Francois is a 29-year-old married father with two children. He operates a general store business. He works every day from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m., with only one other person to assist him. While the work is tough and the hours are long, Francois is committed to his business so that his children may prosper.

Francois has requested a Kiva loan via VisionFund Rwanda Company to buy more inventory such as cooking oil, juice, body lotion, etc. to sell in his shop. With this loan, he will earn more profits which will allow him to keep reinvesting for better financial stability, as well as to pay his children’s school fees and medical insurance. Over the next five years, as his business continues to grow, Francois hopes to earn enough money to expand his business and save for his future as well.

Claudia Maria

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Claudia is an honest and hard working woman. She is 36 years old. She has a grocery store business in her neighbourhood. She discovered her vocation as a salesperson when she was 34 years old. That is how her business began, with the help of people that she values, she now has the support of her two children who admire their mother for being a single mother who never let anything defeat her.
She has turned to Kiva, along with MiCrédito, to get a loan to buy corn, beans, rice, oil, sugar, tinned food and cleaning products given that they are the products that her clients want most. In the future, she wishes to be able to buy a freezer and be able to start a butcher’s business.
2015-2016 Loans





Ama is a 50 year old married woman. She lives in the Adidogomé district and has one child in her household.

Ama sells general groceries. She buys her stock at the market twice a month.
In order to meet her goals, Ama needs this loan to order baskets of dried and smoked fish, and bunches of vegetables – thus she can meet the demand from her customers and have proper financial autonomy to support her child’s education.


Nyabukuyu Grp Musoma Group
In this Group: Nichodemus, Mikidadi, Munyugu, Msafiri, Wanjanga, Mtebi, Manjebe, Kusaga, Boniphace, Nyanjiga, Chela
Meet Nichodemus, a married man and the hard-working father of eight school-aged children (four boys and four girls). They are from the Lake Zone part of Tanzania (Musoma). He has been working as a fish vendor for more than eleven good years. He works from 7 am to 6 pm daily, and he’s able to make a reasonable profit that sustains the entire family.This will be Nichodemus’s second loan from Tujijenge Tanzania. He used his previous loan as capital for restocking his fish selling business by purchasing sacks of the small fish famously known as dagaa and sato. He was able to realize some great profit, which he used to pay back his previous loan, cover household expenses, and pay school fees for his daughters. He is a proud and hard-working father who really appreciates Kiva for the support given to his loan group Nyabukuyu.Nichodemus applied for this loan to replenish the out-of-stock buckets of seafood and small dagaa fish to sell. He plans to start selling fried fish to his customers as soon as his profit increases. Nichodemus will share this loan with his entire loan group whose members will hold one another accountable for paying back their full loan at maturity.


Adelle is a 45-year-old, married mother of one child who has been working in a sweets selling shop for five years to support her husband in covering their increasing living expenses and developing their living.Adelle is acquiring a loan from Kiva’s field partner Al Majmoua to pay for her son’s school tuition fees. Her limited monthly salary combined with her husband’s is barely enough to cover their family’s increasing living expenses.This is Adelle’s second experience at Al Majmoua with a good-standing paying-back history. Her previously acquired loan was invested in covering the family’s necessary needs.



Update on Adijha

Adijha, 60, is a widow who looks after her three grandchildren. She lives in Bundibugyo, Uganda. She deals in cocoa farming and selling to cocoa dealers. She earns additional income from selling cosmetics and lace, mainly to her lady customers in town. She started the business to raise the income for her family.

She has a challenge of limited sources of financing to invest in the cocoa business during the peak season, as well as seasonal changes. She hopes to expand her business and construct rental houses in the future to generate income. Her previous loan was used to buy more cocoa to sell. She manages her finances very well, since she has been in business for the last 18 years, and paying school fees for her four children in secondary school.

She is requesting a loan to buy building materials, mainly sand, timber and cement, to construct her family house.


Nyoman is an artisan from Indonesia who specializes in jewelry. He would like to invest in a bulk purchase of silver and gemstones.

Nyoman has been selling through NOVICA since 2015. This is his story:

“My mother and my sisters walked about 3 kms to fetch a gallon of water while my father and I would go looking for firewood. One day I made small wooden beads which I strung into a bracelet. It wasn’t perfect but the jewelry idea was there and my father was very proud. Due to our economic situation I experienced many hardships, and yet I got a scholarship to work with a famous jewelry designer. After working there for 21 years, I decided to explore my dream and talent, so I started creating jewelry on my own.

“Right now I need this capital to grow my business. Thank you and God bless you.”


     Umucyo is a group led by Madeilene, who is 59 years old. The group name means “Light” in English. She is married with two children, aged 17 and 25 years old. They all go to school.
She sells food stuffs and has been doing this in a business for the past five years. The group members sell different items, and they have the same idea for changing their lives. With the loan, she would like to buy more sorghum, beans, and potatoes to sell. The profits from the business will be used to buy more sorghum in order to improve her business.


      Avetiq started a transportation business five years ago.
Using his own truck he receives different orders for his transportation service. Most frequently he transports fruits and vegetables and home supplies to local markets.
Avetiq, his wife, and their two minor children live in Gyumri town.
He asks for this loan to purchase four tires for the winter season and pay for partial renovation of the truck to continue his transportation service, as well as to gather income for the family.

Costa Rica


A loan of $2,075 helps Maria to buy calves and all the supplies necessary for raising and breeding them, such as food, vitamins, and deworming medicines, among others.

María is 46 years old. She is married and has only one daughter, who is of age and economically independent. María is a leader in the community of Peralta, and known as a hardworking person with excellent principles. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to develop different productive jobs, such as catalog sales and the breeding of animals, that allow her to generate income and help her family. In a rural community with a scarcity of jobs, María engineers things to place her products and open new markets.


Isac comes from Zamandela, province of Inhambane. He’s 32 years old and in a common law marriage. He has two underage children and supports his parents who live in Inhambane.He first started working with Hluvuku in 2012. This is his 4th loan with Hluvuku. With it he intends to increase turnover in his business by purchasing shoes for re-selling at the formal market known as shoprite. That way he’ll meet his customers’ needs.In the future he intends to finish building his house and purchase a vehicle. His biggest challenge is keeping his business as his means of livelihood.


Ali is a Lebanese, married man. He’s 42 years old and has four children. He’s really attached to his family. Cooperating together, Ali is capable of covering their heavy expenses in order to live a respectable life. He owns a shop where he sells detergents. Today, he’s asking for a loan from Kiva partner Vitas s.a.l to pay fees for his children’s studies and to buy their books. One of his greatest dreams is to see them achieving higher positions. Ali pursues to develop his work in the near future, so he can better support his family.


She is a single young woman, age 25. She works as a receptionist for a marketing company.
She was born with an heriditary condition called myopia. She has used glasses for a long time.
Since the age of 21 she has been a candidate for refractive surgery to improve her vision. Due to the lack of financial resources, she has not been able to have the surgery.

2014-2015 loans



Edone is 56 years old, married and father of two children. He is a very dynamic and hard-working entrepreneur. He has a little store where he wholesales and sells at retail fabrics. This activity allows him to take care of his family and to save a little. He needs a loan to increase his stock of fabrics for school uniforms.


Kadiatu J

Update on Kadiatu J

This is 33-year-old Kadiatu J. She is married and has two children aged eight and four years old. One is a school-going child. She has one additional dependent, who lives with her and is fostered. Kadiatu J. owns a provisions business. Working six days a week and 11 hours a day, she earns about 2,060,400 SLL every month from this business.

Kadiatu J. has already received and successfully repaid three loans, and now requires a new loan in order to buy cartons of eggs, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. for resale. She would like a loan in the amount of 5,000,000 SLL.

In the future, Kadiatu J. plans to build another house for her children, to reinvest, and to expand her business. This loan will help her to maximize more profit. Her previous plans were partly met by completing her house and buying another piece of land, but she was unable to rent a shop due to the high rental cost. She thanks you for your support.


Juan, age 30, lives with his life partner. He has two sons, ages two and one. He has a metal working business. He is a good father, independent, patient, tenacious, energetic, responsible, and hard-working. He conducts his business on the road to ‘Viacha’, which is known for being three kilometers. It is the first in the city to have eight lanes, and it is built with concrete pavement. The climate is cold and dry, and the temperature varies between 0 and 12 degrees centigrade during the day. Juan has a dark complexion, short black hair, brown eyes, and is medium height and thin. His mother tongue is Ayamará, which he speaks in this place. He speaks Spanish with the general public and for the business that he conducts. He shares his life with his wife, who works; with his mother, who cares for the household; and with his children, who are not yet school age. They live in the family house, which is made from brick and cement and has a corrugated metal roof. They have running water, electricity, gas services, and indoor plumbing. He has a metal working business. He makes doors, windows, and gates. He also makes roofing from corrugated metal. “I started my business as a helper to my uncle. Then I had my family, and I became independent,” he says. The advantage to his business is the convenience of his big shop and its good location. The disadvantage is that when he receives orders he hires helpers, and they are not steady. His dream is to have a well-known metal working shop. He wishes to buy sheet metal to make garage doors. This is his first loan cycle with the institution in the five years that he has been independently engaged in this business activity. It is for these reasons that Juan is requesting a loan to buy sheet metal to make garage doors.

El Salvador

Judith Del Carmen

Judith, 24, just got married. She lives with her parents. She has been working for a year administering the cafeteria of a school located 2 km [1.25 miles] from her home. She makes enough to help her parents and her husband with the home expenses. Judith is requesting this loan to remodel the cafeteria and buy products to sell. Her dream is to open a store at home and buy a house for her, her partner and the children they will have.



Zaur is a 39-year-old gardener. He is married and has two beautiful daughters. His wife is a houskeeper and takes care of the family. Zaur has raised seasonal fruits for 17 years and sells them to neighbors. His monthly income is 123 AZN. Zaur loves his family very much and wants to provide his family a happy life. The only source of income is gardening, but now Zaur has problems with the irrigational system. His irrigational system in his garden is flawed. He applied for an 800 AZN loan in order to buy tools and fix the water system in his garden.

El Salvador

    Daniel, 48 years of age, lives in his own house with his life partner and his family. He makes his living thanks to his small chicken farm business that he has operated for 8 years. As a result he already has a lot of customers requesting his products and placing orders.
Daniel wants to invest in a greater number of products since sales are better during Christmas and New Years and he wants to have enough products to offer his customers. Therefore, he is requesting a loan from FUSAI to invest in: chickens, chicken feed, and vitamins to offer a large quantity of products to his customers.


The Mpore group is made up of five women. In the photo, Dimitri is representing his wife Pascaline.
Jacqueline is the leader of the group and lives in Bujumbura. She is 40 years old and is married to a Célestin, a farmer. Together they have five children, aged from seven to 21 years old. All the children go to school.
Jacqueline has been selling rice for ten years. She is on her 13th loan with Turame. With this Kiva-financed loan, she is going to increase her capital to buy a large amount of rice that she will resell and earn more.
In the coming years, she would like to see her children [continue to] go to school.


Vicente Valentin, 19, is not married and has no dependents. He lives in his parents’ house. Vicente Valentin is a native of the area. Life in the community is calm since its activity consists of agriculture, raising livestock, business and transport. Vicente lives in the district and province of Morropón in the Piura region on the northern coast of Peru. Vicente works carrying passengers in his own mototaxi on a route which goes Morropón – Laynas – Carrasquillo and back. He also takes students, a service that he has offered for more than 2 years. He has excellent references and loyal customers in the area where he lives. The aim of the loan will be to improve the motor of his mototaxi. This will mean that he can continue offering his services and will be able to attract new customers, which will allow him in the short term to increase his income and therefore improve the quality of life for himself and his family.



When Erica got married, she learned to embrace the life of the people inCarles, Iloilo. She is engaged in fishing, which she learned from her husband. This business started three years ago. She is asking for a loan of 25,000 PHP. This amount will go a long way. It will be used to buy fishing tools for the boat such as plywood, nylon, nails, bamboo, fishing nets, paints, adhesive and a boat engine.Erica dreams of seeing her business become successful so that she can support her two year old son’s needs and send him to school someday

BURUNDI (Central Africa)

Dutambutsanye Group

Marc is a member of the Dutambutsanye group and lives in Bujumbura. He is 42 years old and married to Apolline, a saleswoman. They have five children between the ages of one and 17, three of them go to school.
He has worked in catering and the sale of beverages for 14 years.

This is his second loan from Turame. With the Kiva loan that he requests, he will increase his capital and buy a large quantity of rice and palm oil to prepare and sell in his restaurant.

In the coming years, he would like to open a clothing store and send his children to school.


Maa Chemedei Group
Kanchanbala is the leader of a group wholivesinPallaspali, Bhubaneswar in thedistrictofKhurdha,Odisha, India. She is a married woman of 39 years. She has asmallfamilycomprising of 4 members: her husband, one son aged 19 and one daughter of 14 years. The member standing 1st from right with a raised hand isKanchanbala.Like most families in the village she along with her husband is doing tailoring work to earn their livelihood. They sew pants, shirts, ladies dress, blouses etc. Their monthly income isaboutINR 7,000 which is not sufficient to meet their monthly household expenses.Her son, who is namedSandip, is pursuing Civil Engineering inGIET, Bhubaneswar. He is a good student and wants to complete his Engineering Course but due to lack of money he is not in a position to continue his studies. So that her son can continue his studies,Kanchanbala wants a loan ofINR 30,000. Your help will enableSandip to continue his studies – he has a desire to be a good Civil Engineer.The other 3 members of her group are Manjulata, Sanjukta and Santilata.
2013-2014 loans
Afzal Hashmi
AfzalHashmi is a 55-year-old, married man, living with his family in Lahore, Pakistan. He owns a bakery near his hometown. He sells different kinds of cakes, rusks, milk, biscuits, and juices.A few days ago, someone stole cash and inventory from his shop’s locker and broke the glass of a glass case. Now,AfzalHashmi wants to purchase the inventories in large quantity from a nearby bakery and sell it from his bakery. But, he does not have cash in hand to buy sweets.He hasbeenreceivingaKiva loan and been purchasing general store’s items. Due to theft and to compensate against the loss, he wants to take another loan. Therefore,AfzalHashmihasrequestedaKiva loan again, so he can buy his desired sweets and a glass case.He wants to prepare these sweets at home, so that he could get maximum income. He will make some savings with the profit and he hopes that, the future, he will prepare all sweets by himself.
Yasmeen is a 40-year-old lady. All her devotions areforherhusbandwhoisearningaverylow income. He provides sheltering services for under construct houses. Most of his work depends upon the contract and most of the time he is unable to get any contract for sheltering services.Recently, her husband has gotten a huge contract but he does not have enough sheltering material to provide proper services.Yasmeen has requested a loan so that her husband will be able to buy more sheltering material to provide his best services.Yasmeen isverythankfultoKivaandBRAC Pakistan.SheishopefulthattheKiva lenders will take pity on her andsupportherintheformoffund raising.


Ata is a 46-year-old married man from Deir el Balah city. He lives with his wife and five kids; four sons and one daughter. Ata works as an employee at the public sector where he gets a low income. This income barely covers all of the family needs.
Ata also works in his rickshaw where he buys groceries and food and resells them to the supermarkets in his area. It is a good business and it covers part of the family expenses.
Ata took a USD loan from FATEN. This loan will help him buy more food and grocery products and resell them in the local market. This will increase his sales and income.
Ata would like to take a bigger loan in the future to buy a bigger car to use it in his business.


Naveeda, age 43, is a married woman who enjoys doing the work of hand embroidery. Her embroidery patterns are very popular in her territory. She has been doing it for many years and has retained a good number of customers. She has three daughters and two sons. Her husband is not in good physical shape to support her family. She is motivated to provide her family with the basic necessities of life, including food, clothes and education.  In order to meet the growing demand of embroidery, she needs to buy more frames, needles and threads in different colors so she has requested a loan of PKR 50,000 from Kashf Foundation. She expects to boost her earnings and dreams of expanding her business in the near future.
Neyi Amparo
Neyi is a 53-year-old woman who is single and lives in the city of Chincha.  She is hardworking, enthusiastic, and has tremendous drive to succeed.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of financial resources and the need to work at a very young age, she was not able to study for a professional degree.Through her own initiative, Neyi works at her small business of selling food.  She sells breakfasts and lunches to different customers.  Neyi works every day for approximately 10 hours.  She believes she is doing well because of her delicious food and her dedication.Neyi is very grateful to the Kiva lenders.  Thanks to the assistance they have provided, she will be able to make improvements to her house.  She wants to plaster and paint the walls, as well as install a floor in her home.  Neyi will continue working and striving toward her greatest wish of having her own vending stall.
Jose Arturo
Jose Arturo is 57 years old and lives with his wife in the Zaña district, where the people there are farmers, sell livestock, and work as merchants.  It’s located one hour away from the city of Chiclayo, on Peru’s northern coast. He and his wife have been raising and selling small animals such as ducks, turkeys, and pigs behind their house for five years.  Occasionally he also works as an electrician. He is asking for a loan of 1,500 Soles so he can finish building a room onto his house and then rent it out and generate additional income for his family.
Maria Concepcion
Concepción is grateful to the lenders for the loan and she feels very glad to have the support. She continues working in her small restaurant where she sells traditional regional dishes like chicken soup, fried steak, fried fish, and more. At this time, she needs the loan to buy ingredients like, for example, oil, meat, sacks of rice, sacks of sugar, vegetables, cans of milk, bags of noodles, and bottles of oil. Concepción was born in the city of Paucartambo and still lives there. She is 46 years old and married with four children. She is a hardworking and enterprising mother who provides for her family through the effort she puts into her work.

Volodya is 60 years old, and he lives in Vanadzor in the Lori region. He has a daughter who is already married, and she lives with her family. So, Volodya lives with his wife in their small and cute flat. His wife works as a tailor worker, sewing fabric. Volodya works as a turner at the workshop. He has worked there for 40 years, and he is a very respected and beloved worker.
Recently, Volodya found out that he has serious health problems, and he must urgently pass a course of treatment. He asks for a loan of 260,000 Armenian drams in order to buy some medicine and begin his course of treatment.


Monica is a small scale baker in Beahu (near Cape Coast). She is a Senior High School graduate. She is married and has 2 children. Her husband works in customer service for Vodafone. Monica has been working as a baker for some time now. Her income is used to help her husband pay the utility bills and their children’s school fees. She plans on using her loan to purchase an increased quantity of flour to make more bread, thus allowing her to meet rising customers’ demand. She hopes to use the profits from her enterprise to develop her business further and ensure that all her children receive an education.



Maria Ligia

Maria is married and has a 14 year old daughter.  Because of the income that her husband was generating, there wasn’t enough money to cover the household expenses, so she decided to start her own business and make the effort to have more income to contribute to improving their quality of life.  She started her business 3 years ago and set up a general store where she offers household products to her customers and this has helped improve their living standards.  Although she has continued having economic difficulties, they have been getting through them little by little and her efforts have allowed them to have a better family life.  Wanting to offer her customers better service, Maria is looking for a loan to buy home products and to supply her store with items that are running out.
Her big dream is to offer her family a better quality of life and to offer her daughter access to a higher education at the university in the future.


Sultana is a conservative woman, so she asked her husband to take her place in the photo.
Sultana’s husband is a farmer. He owns a tractor that he uses to do his job. He wants to bring in another piece of heavy equipment also to use for his work and to rent out. For that reason, Sultana has applied for a loan to support her husband and get the equipment he needs.



Lesly is 54 years old, single, and doesn’t have any children to support. She has been selling many brands of shoes, cosmetics, and perfumes and her customers are her friends and teachers who arrive to buy from her. She lives in San Lorenzo in Southern Honduras.

Lesly is an enterprising, hardworking woman with a desire to get ahead.

She is asking for loan to buy dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, shoes, and ladies’ accessories. This loan will help her to improve her income and quality of life. She is very happy to be able to continue working with Prisma. She wants to grow her business and make it the best in the zone.


Javier has a pig farm in an urban zone. Naturally, that doesn’t make him popular with his neighbors. In his search for a more effective solution for managing his pig waste, he learned about biodigesters. Using his 16 cubic meter Sistema Biobolsa biodigester, he will reduce the odors and flies emanating from his farm while concurrently reducing his gas and fertilizer costs. He hopes to use the renewable biogas generated by his system to displace the non-renewable and expensive LP gas his family currently uses to cook and heat bath water. This loan represents 63% of the total cost of his Sistema Biobolsa biodigester.


Gladys is 41 years old, married and a mother of three children. For the last five years, she has earned a living by selling fruits and vegetables in Malindi town. She earns a monthly income of KES 15,000 from the business.
Gladys was introduced to KADET LTD by one of our credit officers and is applying for her second loan of KES 50,000 to buy additional stock of tomatoes, pineapples, oranges, onions, and cabbages to sell to her customers. She will use the profits made possible by this loan to pay for her children’s school fees as well as expand the business.

Her goal for the future is to continue growing the business so that she can help improve her family’s financial stability.



Luis, a young man of twenty, lives in the town of Imperial, which is well-known for its changing weather that does wonders for agriculture, particularly the growing of cotton and sweetcorn, among others crops. Luis lives with his spouse, and together they have an eight-month old son, whom he loves very much and for whose sake he works very hard every day so that he can live in dignity. Luis had to learn to work at a very young age, since his family is very humble, and was thus unable to continue his studies. He reached only the fourth year of secondary school, but he would have liked to go on to university. Luis works as a mason’s helper every day, which enables him, with great effort, to cover household expenses. He works around ten hours a day, depending on the size of the building to build. He thinks he is successful in his chosen profession because his customers think him reliable, because he is very nice to them and because he really wants to improve his lot in life. Luis is very grateful to Kiva lenders since, thanks to their help, he will be able to buy construction materials such as concrete, iron, and bricks in order to give his house a roof. Thus, he will be able to improve his family’s quality of life, so that his little baby does not grow ill now that winter is coming. Luis will be able to continue doing his utmost every day in order to make his greatest dream come true: “I want to finish building my house and give my son a good future and a good education”.



 Nikolai lives in Kamenka. He is a greenhouse farmer and uses his own plot of land to cultivate early vegetables and flowers for sale. Nikolai and his wife have been engaged in this business for the past 30 years.

Using the additional funds of 24,000 hryvnia, Nikolai would like to build a new greenhouse. The most expensive part of the project will be the greenhouse framework, which will cost roughly the entire amount of this loan.

Nikolai is planning to continue developing his business and, in time, build additional greenhouses. He also plans to open a small flower shop at the bus station, thereby replacing the stall he currently operates there.


Rubén lives in Sacaba, one of the provincial districts in the city of Cochabamba.  He is married to Sra. Paola and they have three daughters.  Rubén is a mechanic by profession, but he also owns a taxi so that he can work at night.  He had a very difficult childhood since his father died when he was a boy.  At that point, he had to help his mother raise his younger siblings.  Rubén began working as a mechanic’s assistant and then studied at night so that he could finish high school and complete a short program in auto repairs.  His wife works as a caregiver for elderly people.

Rubén is requesting a loan so that he can replace the engine of his vehicle since this is the means by which he is able to earn the extra income he needs to complete his education and feed his family.  He wants to finish a degree in Dentistry.  Rubén and Sra. Paola are working double shifts so that they can have more income to help their daughters finish school and pursue degrees of their own.  Rubén is a responsible and hardworking individual.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The client Joséphine is an entrepreneur, and the leader of the business group Changamuka. She is 32 years old, married, and the mother of four children. Her spouse is a functionary of the state and works for the water company (REGIDESO). The client sells used boots. She sets up her merchandise in Goma’s downtown. She started her business with her own money. She has worked in this business for ten years. She has just finished eight cycles in the IMF Hekima program. This new loan will be used to stock up with 25 pairs of used boots. Additionally, she aspires to make her business more durable, and open a store that sells salted fish. The client thanks IMF Hekima for its actions dedicated to poor women excluded from traditional banking. It is suitable to mention that the client is holding her baby.


A resident of a rural village of the Ponhea Krek district, which is located in the Kampong Cham province in Cambodia, Phang is a 28-year-old married woman with three dependent daughters. To make a living, Phang and her husband farm rice, plant cassava, raise pigs, and sell grocery items. Phang is requesting a USD 1,100 loan with VisionFund (Kiva’s partner) for the first time. With this first requested loan, she will operate a new business, which is buying fertilizer to sell. This industrious woman, Phang, expects a boost in her income after receiving her loan and wisely using it. In the future, she dreams of being able to buy more plots of land to plant rubber, which is one more new business for her.


Amgalan, 33 years old, lives with his family in the Selenge province, located north in Mongolia. From November, 2011 to December, 2012 he has worked as an operator in coal mine. When the coal mine collapsed and stopped its operation, he began rendering taxi service to people who lives in Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia. The taxi he uses for service belongs to his friend. Also he is living temporarily in that friend’s home and he is feeling he is such a burden to his friend. His official residence belongs to Selenge province and now he is temporarily residing in his friend’s house on plot of land.

So he is requesting a loan of 5300000 MNT to purchase an automobile which is powered by an electric motor. Electric cars contribute to cleaner airs because they produce no harmful pollution at the tailpipe from the on-board source of power, such as particulates, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, and various oxides of nitrogen. By taking the loan he can purchase his electric car and can use it for taxi service without using his friend’s car. Most importantly the car he purchases will contribute greatly to the efforts against air pollution.