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Our most recent loan 5/27/217

Justin from Cameroon

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Justin’s story

Justin is a young man of 33; he is single and the father of two children. He manages a two hectare cacao plantation inherited from his family. Following secondary education he turned his attention to agriculture.
Currently he achieves a harvest of two tonnes per season. He would like to do better this year, and he has the possibility. However he has difficulties looking after his plantation currently. He would like to avoid moneylenders where possible, who take a large part of his crop, and prevent him each time from having savings.
Therefore he is requesting this loan, which will allow him to maintain his plantation with inputs he will buy at the right time, to grow his production and therefore his sales.
The income from these sales will allow him to finish the construction work which he has begun on his home, to extend his business and to improve his family’s living standards.